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A classic design for a traditional home.

Our design process is set up to tease out what is unique about a project and a client so that we can create something peculiar to them. When we first went to see this client, we noticed that they used their fridge as a kind of notice board to put up pictures by the kids, reminders, lists, cards etc… with magnets onto the metal face of the old fridge. In their new kitchen they wanted integrated appliances and for things to be neat, but we felt these drawings and cards needed a place to be celebrated and we proposed a cork panel integrated into the cabinet fronts… the idea developed into a full band of cork, stained black to match the black front of the oven, to bind design together. It also acts as a bit of a sound absorber (important when you have 3yr old twins!) and sits over the splash back so that there is a lot of space to curate an evolving backdrop of things you might pin to it.

In this design, we wanted to design the island as big table in the middle of the room. The thing about thinking of an island like a piece of furniture in this way is that it allows light and views through and around; it all helps the island feel more delicate and elegant… and the room less taken up by island. The frame is made from solid oak and we stained it black to balance the composition with the stained cork.

The sink run is a set of floating drawers that project from the wall and the flooring continues under them - this is important because again, it makes the room feel more spacious. The full height cabinets are purposefully a calm, matt off white. We used Farrow and Ball ’School house white’… because its our favourite ‘white’ of course! All of the whitegoods are integrated into this full height run: oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and a gigantic pantry cupboard.

A sweet detail is the hand turned cabinet door knobs - The clients are music lovers and the knobs are enlarged versions of the volume knob from a 1970s record player.

Stained Oak and Cork
The 1810 Company
The 1810 Company

"Thank you so much for your amazing creativity and endless patience. we're just thrilled"




A mid-century inspired kitchen, designed for a mid-century house


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