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A classic design for a traditional home.

Meet Katherine is a scientist, parent of three, and enthusiastic cold-water swimmer. After moving into a new house, her family was struggling with an outdated, dysfunctional kitchen that was taking a toll on their daily lives. Practical issues like malfunctioning appliances and lack of storage were compounded by the emotional impact of feeling embarrassed to invite people over. They longed for a space that was not only functional but also reflected their unique personalities and style.

At H. Miller Bros, we thrive on understanding our clients' needs and creating designs that bring them joy. We recognized that Katherine's family needed more than just a practical solution - they needed a kitchen that celebrated their creativity, playfulness, and love of music.

Through our Time-tested design approach, we incorporated elements that spoke to the family's unique character and lifestyle. We noticed that they used their fridge as a makeshift notice board, so we proposed a cork panel integrated into the cabinet fronts, providing a dedicated space to display the children's artwork and reminders. We also created enlarged versions of record player knobs for cabinet doors, adding a playful touch that reflected their love of music.

The final design was a beautiful balance of function and personality. We selected a sea blue vinyl flooring, dark stained cork, and oak in black and natural finishes, creating a space that was both organized and playful. Even the drawers had a surprise in store, with fun linings that added a touch of whimsy.

In the end, we didn't just give Katherine's family a new kitchen - we gave them a space that truly felt like home, where they could gather, create, and make memories together.

Stained Oak and Cork
The 1810 Company
The 1810 Company

"Thank you so much for your amazing creativity and endless patience. we're just thrilled"




A mid-century inspired kitchen, designed for a mid-century house


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