H Miller Bros | Luxury kitchen designs and makers specialising in bespoke solid hardwood handmade kitchen cabinets and interiors


“   Every bespoke kitchen we make will be genuinely original, beautifully made by hand, and filled with personality.  ”

We pride ourselves on creating unique luxury kitchens. But we do this without all the usual superiority associated with high end brands. For us, luxury means things working perfectly, using beautiful materials honestly and elegantly, and creating something that's unique and designed just for you.

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H Miller Bros | Luxury iroko open shelves in handmade kitchen, bespoke kitchen cbainets in solid hardwood in Liverpool, Manchster, Wirral and Cheshire.jpg

A nice bag doesn't feel quite so special when everyone else has the same one, and neither does a luxury kitchen. That's why no two of our kitchens are the same. This tailored approach to design is centered around you, your personal sense of style, and the careful details that will make your new kitchen a joy to be in and use.


Experimentation, prototyping and re-thinking old ideas is at the essence of all our kitchens. When a client wanted a place to put up her children's drawings, we developed a cork-clad cabinet door for her that could take push pins; when another client wanted her kitchen to be a place to sit quietly, we designed her a modern dresser, complete with a reading seat; and when a client expressed frustration at the standard air inlets at the bottom of fridges, we invented a sleek, crafted vent that we now incorporated into all our kitchens.

This approach comes from our background as designers - Howard in architecture and Hugh in furniture. This pedigree is as fundamental to us today as it was when the brothers founded the workshop over a decade ago.

Kitchens that inspire and excite



Craftspeople at heart


We love what we do and go above and beyond the norm to make sure everything is perfect both in your eyes and ours. We are very proud of everything we do and want to share our work with the world as well as the skills used in creating it.


We are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From seeking to improve materials and finishes to exploring new ways of working with natural materials and creating new designs, we aim to be at the forefront of both working in wood and kitchen making.

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Hugh has been making bespoke furniture in wood for over a decade, and his work has been exhibited internationally from Germany to Japan.



Howard is an award-winning architect and landscape designer, with experience spanning 15 years and three continents

H Miller Bros | The process of designing and making luxury kitchen cabinets and furniture in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester and Wirral

Our Process



A kitchen full of unique details and quirky features in solid hardwood



A classic design for a traditional home.



A modern dresser, in solid walnut, for this modern but classic home.